Polished & Proper

Barbershop & Shave Parlor

Travel back to a time when a visit to the barbershop was a chance to relax, socialize and be pampered the old fashion way. Come and take that journey when you enter our shop. 

To our valued customers;


Due to the extended wait times we have been experiencing, in conjunction with our inability to expand in our current space, we are left with no choice but to raise our prices. Starting September 1st our haircut price will be going to $21 and our skin fade price to $23, all other menu items will remain the same. 

Please understand that we are not doing this to make more money, we are doing it to reduce our wait time. We are grateful to our loyal customers who love coming to see us as much as we love to see them. Please understand that this measure is for you. Thank you for your understanding, and your patience.


P&P Staff

We retail a number of products at our shop, including:

Polished & Proper Beard & Pre-shave Oil, Pomade, and Bay Rum Aftershave. Shop tshirts are also available.

Uppercut Deluxe Water-based Pomade, Monster Hold Pomade, Featherweight Pomade, Matt Pomade, Shampoo & Conditioner

Shave Mugs                       Andis Bump Care

Shave Brushes                  Grant's Pomade (medium hold) 

Iron Society Water-based & Wax based Regular & Firm hold Pomades 

Railcar Finegoods Water-based Pomade

Prospector's Water-based regular & Firm hold Pomades

Merkur Safety Razors (blades also available)

Fix-it Wax Sticks                        Toiletry Bags

Razor Blade Disposal Banks